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Published: 23rd September 2011
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We Love to communicate with our friends and families, to share our feelings and emotions. But all of them canít be with us every time to listen us. So we depend of different channels of communications. There was the era when we were dependent on letters, get excited when postmen are dropping new envelopes to letter box. Then came the fashion of pager, telephones and fax machines but now we young generation prefer faster and convenient ways of communication like email or instant messenger. Even more popular, however, and a phenomenon of communication experienced worldwide, is sending SMS (Short messages Services) text messages to each other via mobile phones.

Sending SMS is a great, quick way to be in touch with friends and family. But in sending messages from your mobile you have to pay some charges per SMS to service providers. And with people who sending tens or hundreds of text messages each day, costs can get bigger.
So mobile phone service providers have designed payment plans that allow you to send a certain number of text messages free per month. Or, if you pay enough of a monthly fee (or top-up your pay-as-you-go phone often enough) you may even be allowed to send an unlimited number of SMS messages for free.
I too love sending SMS to my friends circle through Free SMS sites. List of My Favorite sites are:
a) Way2sms: It is most popular website in sending among youngsters and business firms to send SMS in bulk. With it you need only to register a account in website and you have never ending credits of free SMS. But here you can send SMS of 160 characters only.

b) Microlifeline: This site is newly launched for Free SMS Services, and luckily I got its URL. It is absolutely free and the best thing with this site is that we can send SMS of 390 characters.Instead of sending free text messages it also facilitate you with many more services like store and send files, video sharing, chatting, store your all password and view it whenever you want, events reminder and many more...

So, my friends what you all are waiting for just go to these Free SMS Sites and start sending messages to your friends.

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